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I’m a retired RN, so I always thought the medical community was the only way to go. Well I had always been pretty healthy until the age of 70. Then the digestive problems started. I was in the hospital 4 times for terrible pain. Finally they removed 6 inches of my small intestine. Still had problems. I was afraid to eat anything! I lost weight and was miserable. I lost all confidence in the medical doctors! They were looking at removing my gall bladder next when I happened to “meet” Dr Christine on Periscope!! A blessing!!! I did her 24 hr urine test and talked with her. She suggested 4 of the natural treatments and it pretty much corrected everything!! I’m still taking two products, one of which is the SmartCarb. I would never think of eating without them again!!! They made all the difference in my life. (Or as she says, they let my body heal itself like it wants to!!). I will be her “patient” for life! I’m 74 now and back to riding my horses, taking care of my dog, cats and chickens?. And I still have my gall bladder?!!!

Shirley C.

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